Human Technology For Your Business

Everything manual in business should be automated. Your question should be answered simply, by data organisation and presentation. Your “busy-work” should be automated.


Data You Can Trust


01. Access Anywhere

From employee records, project financials, HR policies and a dedicated Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), to your Recruitment Funnel, Sales CRM or Expense Claims – no matter what – access all of this and more, in your pocket on iOS and Android, or on any web browser!

02. Cost-Effective

C-Connect replaces all of your business software subscriptions with one all-inclusive multi-application platform that is deeply connected.  Save on subscription costs, and save considerable admin time that is usually spent in the gaps between apps of other disconnected softwares.

03. Real-Time Analytics

From critical notifications (SMS, email, app notifications) to live dashboards and rich data visualisation, C-Connect makes senses of your data, and provides rapid insight by doing the interrogation for you – always on, always live.


Understand Your
Business Better

Access all of your mission critical information in one centralised app.  From project financial performance to current and historical employee records; from HR policies to a centralised Integrated Management System of standard documents and templates.

Click a button to onboard new employees, or to pay them according to intelligent pay rules required in your unique business and industry.  This is just the beginning!

C-Connect App Library.png



From one business owner to another; from one operations manager to another: C-Connect is the end of spreadsheets, and the beginning of crystal clarity.


We believe that every business can be beautifully creative, when people are free from “busy-work”. We believe that great business is simple business, that empowers every person.


Incredibly simple on the surface yet powerful and smart underneath, this is how C-Connect promotes human connection first.



Richard Heiman

CEO at Mikron

“C-Connect has seriously revolutionised our business, our way of working and our lives. Actually, I feel less busy now.  It's just really clever tech, and simple to use.”

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